The King has a test for the bravest warriors of the land. A vast underground labyrinth just outside of town, with a single entrance. No one knows who built it, or when. But legend has it, there is a vast amount of treasure.. guarded by monsters. The king will reward bountifully the adventurer who escapes alive. But it hasn’t happened. Yet. You have been chosen.


Traverse the mazes of the labyrinth, find treasure and fight monsters. Return to town at your leisure to unload your inventory or stock up on supplies to make it further into the maze. Each maze has a door at the end that is locked by a key. Each key is held by a boss monster that you have to find in each maze. But be prepared! Each boss is a formidable opponent.


Labrynth was written for Microsoft’s DOS 5.0 and above.

My Involvement

Game Design
Sound Effects & Music
Qbasic Programming (Compiled in Visual Basic)