Three factions are at war.  In the year 2450, the Gnosis Govern saw a split amongst their ranks and were forced to use any means necessary to righteously discipline the dissidents. The Magnus clan, being highly devoted to the truths of science are a strikingly polar opposite to the Gnosis Govern. They are of course the Gnosis’ first target. Caught in the middle is the Raptus clan. A clan of traders, mostly devoted to the power of the dollar.

In the first episode of Nebula, code named “Solar Strike” you play a pilot of the Gnosis Govern sent to deal with the enemies of the state.


Nebula: Solar Strike is a top-down shooter controlled by an onscreen joystick and functional UI buttons for different weaponry and abilities. With three tiers of levels, you are expected to collect resources, destroy enemies and earn credits to purchase upgrades for your ship. To encourage replayability, different levels have different resources that will be needed to purchase upgrades. Each level has a different added mechanic or ‘goal’ to keep the game interesting as you progress.


Nebula: Solar Strike is designed for Android and iPhone using the Unity3D game engine.

My Involvement

Game Design
Level Design and Event Scripting
Unity3D C# Programming