Quantum Frame

Quantum Frame


Quantum Frame is based on the real-world theory of infinite Quantum universes. Humanity has opened a portal that created a direct link between their universe and their near-parallel/mirrored one.

Using this portal, crimefighters in the Quantum Frame world worked out that if they were missing a vital clue/evidence in one universe for a crime, the other universe would sometimes have things happen or be laid out a little differently, and it was possible to fill in critical gaps by working together.

Enter “Quantum Cop” Rex Miles, who works with his Quantum Partner version of himself in the parallel/mirrored universe, and they collaborate together on crimes, by sharing clues and leads to each other, which usually leads to results. Sometimes things don’t always work out, and maybe in one Universe a room is empty, but in the other it’s full of thugs. So there’s no 100% guarantee things are directly opposite or parallel to each other, they have to use their intuition. The game is set in a futuristic neo kind of setting, around the year 2035 and beyond.


Gameplay is reminiscent of shooter games like R-Type, and G-Darius, but with more defined characters, story and environments. The goal is to retain the ‘twitch factor’ of those games, while bringing the classic gameplay onto modern platforms.



My Involvement

Unity3D C# Programming