Thousand Islands

Thousand Islands


Thousand Islands is a take at the classic adventure game genre. Your boat has capsized at sea and you’ve managed to survive on a piece of barely floating wreckage. At the start of the game, you awaken on a raft at the shore of a strange previously-inhabited island. As you make your way up and down the winding paths, you realize that this is not just an ordinary island. This island is one of many… and has been hand crafted by some crazed mad-man to ‘test’ you and your ability to survive the heat, thirst, hunger and fear of your unfortunate circumstance. You will have to solve puzzles, avoid traps and traverse underground tunnels that connect all the islands to stay alive and find your way to civilization.


Thousand Islands gameplay is first-person style puzzle solving. The player can run, jump and traverse terrain in the vein of games like World of Warcraft, Skyrim and Halo. There is no mouse pointer, but instead the player can select and ‘pick up’ items by getting close to them once they become hilighted. Different objects and tools will need to be collected and used to complete puzzles throughout the game. The mousewheel can be used to scroll through those tools for quick access.

Much of the gameplay is based around the character’s physical needs. Hunger, thirst, fear, illness, heat and fatigue. The player will need to find ways to keep all these physical needs cared for in order to survive their trek through the islands.



My Involvement

Game Design
Level Design and World Building
Unity3D C# Programming