Udemy: A Valuable Resource for Online Tutorials

Udemy: A Valuable Resource for Online Tutorials

I’m an information sponge, constantly reading books on things I like, learning to do those things better and better.

Udemy.com is a recent discovery that I wished I found ages ago! If you’re looking for quality tutorials and lectures for not-so-much-money, this is a good place to start. And if you scour the ‘net for some coupons, you may find some for as much as 75% off! That dropped one of the courses I took down to a measly $9!

Specifically, I’m interested in gamedev (duh), Unity, C#, gamification, problem solving and general software design. I was pleasantly surprised to find a few of these, with decent reviews from users of the site.

My one small gripe is that some of the lectures are really just copy/pasted from other online learning sites. And because of that, they aren’t really designed for the Udemy interface. As an example, one course had its course user files spread throughout the videos. Meaning, you couldn’t download them all at once. And if you weren’t quick, you’d miss the link! Once the first video in a series is complete (they can be really short!), it moves along to the next one, and the link to the course files is gone! Gotta watch for that one.

In any case, it’s still a valuable resource, and I plan on soaking up most, if not all of the material that’s of interest to me on there.