Roger Dodger ... and the Malfunctioning Flying Object

Roger Dodger … and the Malfunctioning Flying Object


You are Roger Dodger, and your ship’s controls have gone haywire! Escape the solar system by navigating through celestial objects without crashing into them.

Roger Dodger is a game jam game polished for release to the public under the flag of Part12 Studios. Originally created as an exercise to see how quickly a game could be created in a month’s time, I thought it was fun enough to finish it up and get it out for everyone to play. There are around 800 games that were made during this game jam and can be seen at


Roger Dodger is a simple object-avoidance click/tap to fly game. The Ufo, or… Mfo, really… is having trouble staying along a straight trajectory. ‘Gravity’ is pulling you towards the bottom of the screen (ridiculous, right?), and you must keep your MFO on as straight a path as you can. But be careful! Sometimes those planets don’t line up exactly right!



My Involvement

Unity3D C# Programming
Game Design
3rd Party SDK Implementation (Facebook, TapforTap, Playhaven)