Candy Crypt

Candy Crypt


You have awoken to a candy-coated nightmare! A candy coated floor, walls made of candy, candy traps… And only one key to get out the one door.
There’s more. As night falls, you only have a halo of light around you, along with a nighttime surprise! Let’s hope you remember where those walls and traps are while you find the key to get out!


Up to four players must find their way around a candy coated maze, avoiding traps, ghosts, and dead ends. One player can pick up a torch which lights the area around them, another player can pick up the key, but all need to work together to do all this quickly before nightfall. When nightfall comes, ghosts appear on the map moving towards the players as they struggle to get out safely!



My Involvement

Unity3D C# Programming
Game Design
Audio Design

More Information

This game was created for the Purple Monkey game jam in the summer of 2014. Our team was made up of four people, and we had only one full day to completely craft the game!


Purple Monkey Game Jam