Snow Day Labor

Snow Day Labor


You are an elementary school teacher who is looking to make some extra money. You’ve taken three students from their homes to make snowmen which you will sell on the snowman black market.


As the teacher, you must manage your students’ needs and desires to maximize their efficiency and quality of work so you can get the best prices for the built snowmen.
Students have meters indicating various needs such as motivation, energy, and bladder. You are the one that permits the students to fulfill their needs at the time of your choosing. Time is money, so choose wisely. Should you let the student go to the bathroom, or make the student finish the snowman they’re currently building?
Students also prefer different types of snowmen. Learn what they like, and assign the ones they’ll enjoy building more to improve motivation.



My Involvement

Base Concept

More Information

This game was created for the 2015 Global Game Jam. My involvement was purely in the inception phase of the game jam. The concept was ‘Builder Boredom’. And the idea was that builder units in RTS games all act exactly the same. They show no emotion or have any kind of variance in how they work. I wanted to challenge that by giving builders personalities; likes and dislikes.


Snow Day Labor @ Global Game Jam