Two Headed Dinosaur

Two Headed Dinosaur


You and a friend play as a stitched together dinosaur, an experiment gone wrong by a mad wizard. Your goal is to navigate the dangers together and to collect the wizard’s hat and robe!


Two players must cooperate and control the two headed dinosaur in the directions that he should go. Communication between the players is required in order to decide which way to go at any given time. Without communication, the ‘rip timer’ may count down to zero, and the two headed dino will split apart. :(
Jumping, avoiding obstacles and shrews is a difficult task with two heads controlling the legs. Work with a friend to get to the end!



My Involvement

Unity C# Programming

More Information

This game was created for the 2015 Global Game Jam. My involvement was mostly code related, with some sprinkles of game design thrown in. It was a big hit at the jam, and garnered some terrific responses from spectators and fellow jammers!


Two Headed Dinosaur @ Global Game Jam

Carolyn VanSeltine’s Writeup