More about me

My first game Labrynth was developed while I was in high school. Going to a vocational high school meant that I could learn a vocation early in life, but because there really wasn’t an official programming curriculum, I took the closest vocation available; Computers & Electronics.

The instructors recognized my passion and allowed me to spend my hours in the lab tapping away at making my game and used the code as my ‘grade’ score! I had no interest in electronics and already knew everything about computers (in terms of the curriculum) since I had an interest in them at an early age. I made my game, and passed all the computer class tests at the same time. That’s where it all started.

Recently, I’ve fallen in love with the Unity3D engine. The beautiful thing about Unity3D is how quickly you can prototype ideas for games without too much technical know-how. But don’t be fooled! The engine is extremely powerful and if you wanted to make a AAA game, you totally could. It’s not just for amateurs. But, it’ll get you started VERY quickly!

I’ve been using Unity for a good four years now (at the time of this writing) so if you have a need for a passionate full time Unity3D developer, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You may also find me at many of the local meetup groups in and around Boston such as Boston Post Mortem, Boston Indies and the Boston Unity Group.

Happy gaming!